It's been rumored for quite some time that one of the tracks off Aussie pop-rap artist Iggy Azalea's upcoming sophomore album, Digital Distortion, would be called "Zillion." Well, we weren't too far off, because on Friday January 8, the rapper unceremoniously dropped the song on her Soundcloud—though it's actually titled "Azillion."

While Iggy has been relatively quiet over the past few months, mostly celebrating her engagement to NBA star Nick Young and showing off her newly pink hair on Instagram, the artist has also been hitting up the studio to work on her new album due out this year. "Azillion" is the first official taste of what's to come and while it's being referred to as a "buzz track," it may even have some single potential.

Produced by D.R.U.G.S., the track kicks off with a pulsating late 90s house beat before quickly switching gears into a swelling electro-rap jam, Iggy breaking it down on the chorus, “Now what’s a milli to a billion? / Forget a billi, keep it trillion / We lookin’ pretty in the building / Lookin’ like a trillion, feelin’ like azillion."

"Azillion" isn't exactly anything we haven't heard before, but that doesn't mean that this ode to climbing one's way to the top isn't fresh enough for Iggy fans, punctuating The New Classic artist's sonic journey to a space where pop, rap, and dance music collide and heralding a new era for a somewhat polarizing figure in the modern popsphere. In fact, the track practically lays out the artist's goals with rap-lyrical aplomb.

Nonetheless, we wont have to wait long before hearing more from Digital Distortion. It's been confirmed that the lead single off the album will be a track called "Team," and on Friday Iggy also revealed that something will be "coming for u guys Jan 14th," so keep a weather eye on her Twitter page, Azaleans!

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