Iggy Azalea has denied the claim that Keonna Green, the woman reportedly 22 weeks pregnant with Azalea's ex-fiance Nick Young's child, ever attempted to reach out to her about their adultery.

TMZ caught up with (a.k.a bombarded) the rapper at an airport in Australia on Wednesday (July 6), where a cameraman asked her rapid-fire questions about the breakup and if she would ever consider getting back together with the NBA player. While Azalea remained quiet for most of the insensitive impromptu interview, she did pipe up to briskly deny that Green ever tried to get in touch with her, as Green claimed to Us Weekly this week.

"No, it's not true. And f*** off," the artist responded when pressed by TMZ.

But that wasn't her only statement on the matter: Moments later, the cameraman asked Azalea if she wanted to say anything directly to her ex or his baby mama.

"Do you have any message for Keonna and Nick?" he asked.

The rapper then quickly flipped off the camera, clarifying, "That's my message for them, not you."

Back in June, Azalea broke up with Young over his alleged infidelity after catching him bringing women into their home on security footage. The couple, who began dating in 2013, were engaged for one year.

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