Digital Distortion, Iggy Azalea's forthcoming second album, sounds like it will, indeed, shake things up.

Azalea, who announced the name of her sophomore EP in October, shared a few related updates with fans very early this morning (December 17). Among them: She's...singing? Sounds like a pretty significant departure from I-G-G-Y as we know her...

"I ended up writing some last minute hooks with  and her writing partner a few days last week and really enjoyed my time," she wrote. "she also convinced me to ugly-sing and it turned out great. i felt very out of my comfort zone, which is always when the good stuff happens."

And though Iggy's been keeping details surrounding Digital Distortion quiet, at least one person has been privy to her new tracks.

"I have played (give or take a few small changes) my album to [Charlamagne Tha God] who kindly came and listened to it," Iggy noted. "He was surprised i had been working and not crying in a fetal position on my couch. i told him i did do a bit of that this year...He seemed to understand a lot of the direction, and gave me honest feedback. I feel good about it.."

Oh, and she's going to ~FRANCE~!

What do you think about Iggy's update, and are you excited to hear her try to carry a tune?

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