Iggy Azalea went into a full-on Twitter tirade against pizza delivery chain, Papa John's, when it appeared as though a delivery driver gave out her phone number to family members after she ordered a cheese pizza. Here's what happened: According to a screenshot Iggy posted (via her Twitter feed), someone from Papa John's handed Iggy's number over to his brother after delivering a pizza to the 'Fancy' singer. Said brother then texted Iggy asking if it was really her, and to "please answer." Iggy then tweeted Papa John's to let them know about the breach of privacy:

After Iggy got in touch with the supervisor at the location we assume she ordered from, she posted another screenshot of the less than satisfactory response she received:

Papa John's responded to Iggy via Twitter, but they seemed to take the situation pretty lightly:

To which Iggy responded, "I don't think data breach is funny. I expect you to contact me to explain how you are going to rectify your breach of my personal information in a satisfactory and professional way or lawsuit will be filed."

So far, it doesn't looks like Papa John's has issued a public statement or addressed the matter past what Iggy has shared online. We understand where she's coming from, as it's a serious breach of privacy for a driver to hand out any customer's number, let alone a public figure like Iggy.

The one light spot in this whole thing was the response from frozen pizza company, DiGiornio Pizza:

What do you guys think? Does Iggy have every right to be upset? Should Papa John's issue a public apology? Let us know!

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