While Little Mix are busy shouting out to their exes, Iggy Azalea is perfectly content doing the same to her plastic surgeon.

The "Team" rapper, who's been forthright about plastic surgery procedures she's undergone for her nose and breasts, wished Dr. Ashkan Ghavami a happy birthday yesterday (November 27), and credited the man with helping her to be more comfortable in her own skin.

"It might seem obvious I'd hold the man I owe my fabulous nose and breasts to in high regard," she wrote. "But vanity aside: Ash you're hilarious as hell, talented, eclectic, a progressive thinker & someone who supports women in their choice to do what they want with their OWN bodies."

In April, Iggy came clean on Ellen about her past with plastic surgery, and said anyone's choice to go under the knife is ultimately dependent on his or her level of happiness.

"I’m very happy with it!" she said. "I didn’t [need to do anything]. There’s nothing wrong with me. I think it’s a personal choice. Anybody, man or woman, they should be able to make an informed decision. If you want to change something, then that’s up to you."

"I changed my nose, and I got boobs," she added. "Now I have boobs! I didn’t have boobs before. I just had nipples and now I have breasts. I thought it would be a good addition!"

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