Iggy Azalea doesn't appear to have new music coming out any time soon, and she recently canceled her (already postponed) tour in order to take a break from two evidently exhausting years of work. Despite all this, media outlets are still interviewing her, but since there isn't much material to work with anymore, they're mostly focused on her upcoming wedding to Nick Young.

In an interview with Australia's Today Show, Iggy talked about how excited she is to find a beautiful wedding dress with a long train, as it's a switch-up from the privilege of wearing designer gowns to red carpet events. She said (quotes via Billboard), "I think when you are a celebrity, you get to fortunately go on red carpets so much and wear the sexy silhouette gown and I've worn my fair share of those. But I never get to wear something big with a train, so I might do the whole thing."

Iggy got engaged three whole weeks ago, so it makes sense that an interview would center around an eventual wedding she probably has yet to begin planning. Things eventually shifted to other topics only female interview subjects seem to be asked, about what makes her so confident and how, exactly, a conventionally attractive white woman like Iggy manages to leave her home everyday without her face being concealed by a paper bag.

But Iggy is just like the rest of us! Sometimes she feels good and sometimes she wants to crawl into a miserable, dark hole and set fire to the rain. She said, "Some days I want to crawl into my cave and don't feel confident at all, and other days I feel great. And I think it's like that for all human beings, not just young women."

We think so too, Iggy. You can watch the full interview on Billboard.

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