Like many elements of pop culture, music and fashion are cyclical, and the world has just re-realized that Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" is simply a great cover.

The infectious single "Torn" blew up MTV, VH1 and radio in 1997 thanks to Natalie Imbruglia's impassioned vocals. There was small outcry upon the song's initial release over the fact that Imbruglia didn't write the song, but it faded quickly. Now, 20 years later — and thanks to @VilinskiKonjic — many Twitter users have discovered for the first time that "Torn" is, in fact, a cover. And they're not hiding their incredulity.

Lis Sorensen's origin track dropped in 1995, but it didn't quite take off quite as powerfully as Imbruglia's did.

The original version isn't bad, but singing in English certainly helped Imbruglia reach audiences Sorensen couldn't — Imbruglia was even nominated for a Grammy for her efforts.

Is your perfect sky torn? Apologies.

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