Another day, another reason to get no sl333p.

The legendary Janet — Miss Jackson, if ya nasty — hasn't given us much to work in terms of new music ever since she debuted the sensual lead single from her forthcoming album, Unbreakable. But with her Unbreakable World Tour now just mere days away (the first show is August 31 in Vancouver), it seems the Control pioneer is, at last, giving us a beat.

This morning, Janet posted the lyrics of a new song called "The Great Forever" on Instagram, along with a link to a 24-second snippet on her official website.

Unlike "No Sleeep," the brand new track provides a little bit more ummph than the slinky vibe of the first single. "Living the want the way that I hope is leading me to The Great Forever," she sings above the dreamy, string-backed midtempo pulse. (The snippet's on steady repeat already.)

As for the song itself? Based on the lyrics, it's a self-empowerment anthem all the way, in which Janet confidently asserts herself and ignores the feedback (eh heh) from anybody else who's got something to say. "It might sound strange to you/What you think, it don't mean nothing at all/Doesn't change who I am, doesn't change who I love," the lyrics read.

Listen to the snippet of "The Great Forever" over at Janet's website, and let us know if you're ready to fully experience forever with Janet.

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