Whether you're Team White/Gold or Team Black/Blue, there's no denying that "the Dress" debate took social media by storm last week (Feb. 26). Prepare for things to heat up again as American Idol contestant Jax wore the garment on the show last night (March 5).

First things first: In the video above, Jax seems to be rocking a black and blue dress. (Sorry, Team White/Gold.) It's really interesting and a little weird to see the dress being worn in a video after we spent a week staring down a photo of it on our computer screens.

Even Ryan Seacrest addressed Jax's outfit, asking "Is this the dress that broke the internet?" (By the way, he saw blue and black.)

Of course, then there's the matter of the performance itself. Jax belted out "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell and she sounded incredible. Jax's smoky vocals added a jazzy quality to the song that both lent to its timeless sound and made it her own.

Not only did the singer get a standing ovation for her performance, but the judges loved it as well!

"You just have such strong artistry, it's so original," Keith Urban said. "The grit in your voice -- nobody else has got that. Just you, it's your thing."

Jennifer Lopez added, "You're already one of the favorites from the competition, I can tell by the audience and stuff like that." She also gave Jax some sound advice on how to adapt songs.

You can check out Jax's performance -- and see the Dress! -- in the video above.