A famous face was part of a group that chased down an alleged dog abuser on the streets of Los Angeles.

On Monday (April 4), witnesses near Sunset Boulevard and the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles allegedly saw a man beating a small dog. Numerous people began to chase down the perpetrator, including actress Jena Malone, who has starred in The Hunger Games franchise, Pride & Prejudice and Stepmom, among other films.

"I pulled over and started chasing him, because it's absolutely not okay," Malone told NBC Los Angeles about the incident, which ended with a group of strangers physically attacking the alleged dog abuser.

Malone was not involved in the physical attack on the man, only the chase and apprehension.

Malone shared a series of tweets regarding the chase. She noted that she was "sorry that it ended in a brawl but the dog was going to die."

"No question. I can’t imagine the level of torture it had suffered until this point," the actress added.

"6 blocks down from where the chase began a big group had gathered and it look like the man no longer had the dog," Malone continued. "So I pulled over to make sure that dog was going to be cared for. I didn’t see the brawl but I was told that the man did not give up the dog without a fight."

Watch part of the encounter, below.

Content warning below // animal cruelty, physical assault

Despite the physical attack, the LAPD did not file charges against the strangers who assaulted the man. The alleged dog beater was arrested for "suspicion of animal cruelty."

When asked about his violent treatment toward the dog, the unidentified man claimed, "That's why I did it, it's my mother's dog and he should obey me."

The dog, named Champion, was taken by animal control and later reunited with his actual owner. The canine had been missing for a week.

Champion now reportedly has a fractured rib, bone breaks in his hind legs and another fracture in his right paw. Champion will need multiple surgeries due to the severity of the injuries. A GoFundMe has been launched to help the owner cover the dog's medical costs.

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