Jennifer Aniston isn't actually a mean person -- she just plays one in this interview.

The 'Horrible Bosses 2' actress was asked to be part of a cruel prank orchestrated by BBC 1 DJ Scott Mills, who wanted to play a pretty mean joke on his co-worker, Chris Stark, who would be interviewing Aniston. So, unbeknownst to Stark, Mills had Aniston pretend she was deeply offended by the reporter's questions. Yikes.

Things start to take a turn for the super awkward when Stark asks her if it's hard to make the "first move" with a guy because she's famous.

"First of all, I don't think that's a very appropriate question," she responds. "I'm also committed to somebody. I don't hit on people."

As she continues to discuss how "inappropriate" the question is, Stark starts to turn white and apologize profusely, telling her not to answer the question. (So much secondhand embarrassment!)

And it only gets worse as the interview goes on, as his next question involves whether or not she's ever thought of writing erotic fiction. Noooo.

But fortunately Scott Mills comes in to save the day (after he's ruined it, of course) revealing that the whole thing was a mean joke.

"This was my actual worst nightmare," Stark says, tearing up so much that Aniston -- who genuinely feels awful -- hands him a tissue. Watch the cringe-worthy prank in the vid above!

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