Jennifer Lopez is getting so serious with boyfriend Casper Smart that she's taking their relationship to the next step: she's performing with him on 'American Idol!'

J. Lo will temporarily leave the judges' table to take to the 'Idol' stage with her beau, with whom she'll perform her latest hit, 'Dance Again.' Smart starred alongside La Lopez in the steamy video, which sent conservative groups into a frenzy over it's sexy (but not filthy) scenes. A production source told Celebuzz that the performance will be "sensational," similar to her live rendition of 'On the Floor' last year.

“J.Lo’s dancers began learning the choreography for the routine about a week ago and Jennifer joined them for a rehearsal last Saturday (April 21),” the source said. “There’s another week-and-a-half of intense rehearsals before the performance.” Despite all those rehearsals, it's yet unclear whether the performance will be pretaped (as her show for 'On the Floor' was) or live.

For safety and the show's sake, if there are going to be blindfolds involved, we just hope they're careful -- or have great editors!

The performance will air on the May 3 results show of the Fox megahit at 8PM ET.

Watch the Jennifer Lopez 'Dance Again' Video Feat. Pitbull