Jessica Rotter might "Pray For Rain" through her new single, but for now, the sound of dry heat definitely suits her.

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, who's putting the final touches on her debut album, Plains, delivers stark vocals that are as delicate as cirrus clouds across her LP's debut single. The track, which PopCrush is proudly premiering below, could stop any nearby rain dances instantaneously.

"Walking alone, here in the dry heat / It's building up from under the concrete / Pulling the breath out of me," Rotter sings across tireless bass picks, waves of coffeehouse snaps and pockets of soundtrack-worthy strings.

Sounds pretty pro for an inaugural album, right? Well, Rotter's been at this for awhile.

The granddaughter of a man who wrote songs for Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, Rotter has sung for movies, TV shows and commercials and worked with the likes of Sam Smith, Daft Punk, Alicia Keys and Carole King. Now, having achieved a No. 1 standing on HypeMachine, she's hoping to combat pop's overproduction with her brand of nuanced restraint. And "Pray For Rain," which she said addresses themes of "uncertain times, lost times and times of revelation," is a decisive first step for the musician, who's got training in opera and musical theater.

Listen to "Pray For Rain" above, tell us what you think and pre-order Rotter's debut album here. Plus, be sure to follow her on Twitter and Facebook for more information, including details about an upcoming Los Angeles show.

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