Nick Jonas decided to interrupt his prestigious hosting gig at the 2015 Kids' Choice Awards Saturday night (March 28) to take a call from his grandmother — i.e., Joe Jonas in a wig. (Joe posted a photo on Instagram, which you can check out above.)

Nick's irritating iPhone ringtone blared throughout California's Galen Center (where the awards are held this year), because we are all so tethered to technology and he couldn't be bothered to silence his phone. He said, "Hold on, hold on. Sorry, this is awkward, guys. It's my grandma, I gotta take this." So then he FaceTimes with his grandmother, who is a handsome woman with short, gray hair, a mustache and brows bolder than Nick's Zayn Malik jokes.

Grandma Jonas says, "Hey everybody! Hey Nicky, I'm watching you live right now." When Nick comments on her appearance being decidedly different (because, again, she is Joe in a wig), grandma says, "I dyed my hair a shade of blue. You look so handsome, Nicky! More handsome than your brother, Kevin, but nowhere near as handsome as your brother Joe."

Nick then comments on the resemblance between Joe and grandma and it's so meta we can't even take it.

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