It's that time again, when all of us rabid pop culture fans geek out over hot, shirtless pictures of boy band members. In this poll, we are taking votes for Jonas Brother member Joe Jonas and his chiseled abs, or for James Maslow of Big Time Rush and his super buff bod. Which shirtless crooner has kept your stare completely fixated upon their adonis-like physique?

Who knew that Joe Jonas was so ripped underneath all those fashionable shirts? While vacationing somewhere beachy, Jonas' bodyguard Derick Henry tweeted this photo of himself and the 'Wedding Bells' boy bander, 23, posing shirtless for the camera. In the pic, Jonas' impressive six-pack is on full display, and the muscular cuts on his hips are also quite eye-catching.

Meanwhile, all four members of Big Time Rush shed their shirts while shooting their 'Windows Down' video in Hawaii. James Maslow, 22, looks particularly yummy without his shirt on, and he's also soaking wet from swimming in the ocean, adding even more hotness to this already sizzling shirtless picture. Maslow is always tweeting pictures of himself from the gym, and all that working out is definitely paying off... right, Rushers?

It's a tough choice, but who do you think has the hottest shirtless bod? Vote for Joe or James below!