Justin Bieber is being sued by yet another paparazzo, TMZ reports.

The 20-year-old singer is reportedly being sued by a photographer who snapped a picture of him jumping off of a cliff while on the Hawaiian island of Kauai last year. Aja Oxman, the paparazzo in question, is claiming that the Biebs ordered his bodyguard to "go get his memory card and do anything you have to do get the card." The bodyguard then allegedly proceeded to attack Oxman, holding him in a chokehold and slamming him against the hood of a car and taking his memory card. The paparazzo claims that Bieber and the bodyguard broke the camera together, and that the singer "enjoyed the beating."

Of course, this is only the latest paparazzi lawsuit that the Biebs is involved in. Another photographer claims that the pop star's bodyguard beat him up in a Subway bathroom, while another is suing the Biebs for accidentally striking him with his car. And of course, there is the case that sparked the singer to cop some serious attitude in his infamous deposition videos. There are also several other lawsuits as well.

Justin Bieber may not always be on his best behavior, but it definitely seems like the paparazzi are out to collect more than a picture. Beliebers, what do you think?

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