The princes of pop have had a blazingly successful year, and now we’re weighing their successes against each other in Round 1 of the Hottest Star of 2014 competition! Justin Bieber and One Direction have spent the last year touring the world, racking up awards and earning more hits, but only one can move on to Round 2. Who will you be voting for?

Justin Bieber may have faced a few legal mishaps at the beginning of 2014, but that doesn’t erase his wildly successful past year. The Canadian singer managed to release ‘Journals,’ a compilation album with five brand-new songs, and his part-concert, part-biopic movie ‘Believe,’ all while wrapping up a whopping 15-month worldwide tour. The Biebs surely lives by the rule of play hard, work hard -- don’t you think, Beliebers? Nothing hotter than a guy who can handle both!

One Direction have been keeping busy, too. They started and finished a worldwide arena tour, premiered their own record-breaking documentary ‘This Is Us’ and released their third studio album to a whole lot of fanfare from their dedicated Directioners. The British-Irish boy band took hardly any time to rest, however, and jumped right into their international stadium tour in 2014. Just like JB, they hit a little bit of a scandal along the way, but these stars are still shining hot and bright.

Which pop star do you think is most deserving to win this round of the Hottest Star of 2014? You can vote for Justin Bieber or One Direction up to once per hour until the Round 1 polls close at 12PM ET on June 27.

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