Hot on the heels of Rihanna being swatted, Justin Timberlake and Selena Gomez are the latest celebs to have law enforcement descend on their homes due to a 911 call about crimes being committed at the residences. The thing is the calls are fake, placed under the auspices of a hacking ring as a prank -- and we use that term on the loose.

The JT caller claimed four black men entered the home and two shots were fired as they left with a box boasting a blinking red light.

Selena Gomez was swatted while she and her mom were at home. Neither knew a 911 call had been placed and were therefore confused as to why the police were converged on the property. The Selena swatter said that Gomez's father killed her mother and was toting 20 weapons, as well as threatening to set the property ablaze.

This is getting out of hand...

It's costing taxpayers and it's wasting law enforcement's time from attending to real crimes and issues among citizens. It's distracting and crying wolf so much could cause real calls to be handled in more lax fashion.

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