K-pop star Karina of popular girl group Aespa delivered a handwritten apology letter to fans after news broke that she was dating actor Lee Jaewook.

"Hello, this is Karina. I'm sorry for surprising and causing concern to my fans. I know many of you may have been disappointed, and I'm aware of the sadness recalling our shared moments brings," Karina wrote on March 5, per a translation on Twitter/X.

"I deeply feel the regret and apologize for any hurt. I hope this letter conveys some of my feelings. I write this with the sincere intention of expressing my apologies to the fans who have given me the warmest winter since my debut," she continued.

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"I want to mend any wounds and continue to grow with you all. Thank you for understanding, and I promise to work hard and mature without disappointing you in the future. Take care and let's meet again with a brighter image. I'm sorry and grateful," she concluded the message.

Korean media outlet Dispatch reported that the pair were in a relationship on Feb. 27, and claimed that the two met at Milan Fashion Week in January and it was "love at first sight."

Aespa's entertainment company, SM Entertainment, later confirmed the speculation by releasing a short statement.

"Karina and Lee Jae Wook are currently getting to know each other," they said.

While Aespa is a beloved girl group, Lee Jaewook has also made a name for himself as a successful actor with around seven million social media followers.

He has starred in many popular K-dramas, including Alchemy of Souls, and is also a model who has worked with Prada, Lancome, Dior, Fendi and La Mer, according to Just Jared.

While some fans were surprised by the dating news, many defended Karina and expressed their wish for her to be able to live her life and date like a normal young adult.

"You don't need to apologize. She has the right to date anyone she wants!! Fans need to grow up," one person tweeted.

"You got literal racists, abusers, sexual predators get away with bulls--t like it's nothing but got Karina posting a HAND written apology over a situationship she never made public I'll destroy this planet," another fan ranted on Twitter/X.

"Karina having to write a handwritten apology for dating someone is just crazy," someone else agreed in a tweet.

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