In the most surprising win of the night, Beck took home the award for Album of the Year at tonight's (Feb. 8) Grammy Awards. And in what was perhaps the greatest self-referential moment of the night, Kanye West almost pulled another "Imma let you finish but..." upset, when he ran up to the stage right after Prince announced Beck as the winner. To be fair, Beck did beat out Beyonce, so we feel you on that one, Kanye.

It was a moment reminiscent not only of Kayne's most famous past awards show indiscretion, but also of the time Arcade Fire took home the Grammy for Album of the Year for their album 'The Suburbs' in 2011. Back then, Twitter was ablaze with users -- confusing the album name with the band name - wondering who The Suburbs were. This year, they had Who Is Beck trending in minutes -- despite his being active in the business for over 30 years.

Check out the Vine above to see Kanye almost pulling, well, a Kanye. If only the camera had panned to Taylor Swift immediately after.

UPDATE: There's nothing we love more than the fact that multiple cameras get to capture the audience during moments like this. Be sure to watch the Vine below to catch Jay-Z's and Beyonce's reactions once they realized Kanye was about to interrupt Beck on Bey's behalf. There's Jay-Z looking completely mortified, while Beyonce just looks beautifully shocked. Power couple in music and in reactions.

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