Kanye West has got a lot on his plate: he recently debuted a new fashion line, is preparing to father a second child and, oh yeah, is running for the office of President of the United States (in 2020). So, is there music on the way, too? In an interview with Vanity Fair published today, he answered the question with the verbal equivalent of a shrug.

"I’m not sure," he said. "I’m not worried about the years. I’m worried about the life and the body of work that I can put out while I’m breathing."

And though his next music collection might remain shelved for the time being, West said his nose is still very much pressed to the grindstone. Running for office, he noted, is taxing, but a beautiful way through which he can honor his parents, who were both academics.

Still, he insisted the White House could benefit from an artsy type at its helm.

"This is my theory: I think the world can be helped through design, so it’s very important that I stay around creative, forward thinkers," he said. "It’s very important that I continue to design, to be in practice of trying to make the best decisions possible. I hate politics. I’m not a politician at all. I care about the truth and I just care about human beings. I just want everyone to win, that’s all I can say, and I think we can."

Not a totally absurd concept! Perhaps we'll have to consider him as potential Leader of the Free World a little more seriously.

Bummed to hear there are no new Kanye tunes on the immediate horizon? Read the full interview for more of the artist's (exceedingly long-winded) thoughts on fashion and politics.

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