As a follow-up to her hilariously crazy music video ‘Birthday,’ Katy Perry is releasing “unseen footage” from the production featuring each of her five disorderly characters. (Here’s a refresher: the 29-year-old singer played the roles of Goldie the Dancer, Yosef Shulem, Ace the Animal Trainer and Princess Mandee.) First up is Princess Mandee, who is less of a princess and more of a ... mess.

In ‘Princess Mandee: The Unseen Footage From Katy Perry’s “Birthday,”’ Katy makes another appearance as the blonde-haired, artistically-challenged princess whose job it is to entertain little girls at a birthday party.

Decked out in a blonde wig and sparkly pink gown, Katy — or Princess Mandee — goes on a rant about her lousy boyfriend (Prince Charming, of course), lists her inspirations (Barbie and Gandhi) and shares the details on how she landed her career as a face-painting princess.

If the ‘Birthday’ star ever gets tired of singing, she’s definitely got a future as a comedic actor. Her ability to keep a straight face as the little girls attack her skill as a painter is impressive!

Check out the funny video above!

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