Talk about a scary week! Keanu Reeves dealt with another home intruder in the span of just two days -- and this one got naked and took a shower in his home. Yikes!

Just four days ago, we reported that the 'Matrix' actor called 911 after coming face-to-face with a female intruder in his home on Sept. 15. Two days later, TMZ reports, another woman entered Reeves' home through an unlocked door. She reportedly got naked, took a shower in his home and then went swimming in his pool, still unclothed.

A cleaning crew at the actor's home (who left his door unopened) noticed something was amiss and called Reeves, who, once again, dialed 911.

Though Reeves was not home during this incident, he certainly knew first-hand just how terrifying a home invasion can be. Two days earlier, he was asleep around 4AM when he heard noises coming from his library. When he went to investigate, he discovered a woman calmly sitting in a chair reading a book.

Both intruders were taken away for psychiatric evaluations.