Kelly Clarkson isn't one to "Walk Away." She's "Miss Independent," after all, and knows a thing or two about pushing herself to be "Stronger." Unfortunately, the champion American Idol alum is being forced to "Breakaway" for a section of her world tour for some much-needed—and doctor ordered—rest.

The singer-performer has been making the international rounds on her eighth headlining concert tour, the Piece By Piece Tour, since it launched in Hershey, Pennsylvania back on July 11. For months and months, Clarkson has been singing her heart out each night to thousands of screaming fans, even treating her audiences to showstopping reworked covers of songs by artists as varied as Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, and N'SYNC. Unfortunately, all that soulful belting has taken a toll on the singer's powerful pipes.

"So bummed that I have to cancel some of my tour dates. This kills me, but doctors are saying I need to rest my voice," Clarkson tweeted late Friday afternoon (September 11).

In a handful of follow-up tweets, the artist further lamented the cancellation, apologizing to fans: "I can't wait to get healthy and see y'all back on the road soon. I hate canceling… and I am truly sorry to my fans that have been excited to see this show. Please know that I never cancel anything unless it's absolutely necessary."

The sixth cancelled dates include multiple stops in Virginia (Vienna), Florida (Tampa and West Palm Beach), North Carolina (Raleigh), and New Jersey (Camden), with affected dates beginning today (September 12). As of now, the tour will continue on as normal after September 20.

Feel better soon, Kelly! Your fans will understand.

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