Kelly Clarkson's offering mounting evidence that she is, indeed, invincible, and says her forthcoming album is her own warrior's manifesto.

At the Music’s Leading Ladies Speak Out yesterday (May 17), and in conversation with her new label's boss, Atlantic Records co-chairman/COO Julie Greenwald, Clarkson said that her next LP is her most sincere to date. She first announced in June 2016 that she'd signed to Atlantic to pursue a more soulful sound, and that recording has so far amounted to the best work she's ever created.

“It’s got a lot of sass — like I might beat you up with my sound,” Clarkson said according to Varietyand called the album “urban, pop, soulful R&B." “My backup singers who’ve worked with me for years said ‘It’s the first time you’ve done a record that’s, like, full-on your personality.’”

And there's a reason Clarkson — already unafraid — has become even more emboldened.

“I’ve always been a confident person, I think that’s just being Texan,” she said. “But I think being a mom has brought another level of confidence, because basically the things a mom does daily — without adding a job — is pretty insane. We’re gladiators, basically.”

And Greenwald said the message is coming through loud and clear — she noted she was absolutely blown away by a preview of Clarkson's next project.

“I put the record on and it was like she kicked through the door,” she said. “I say to people all the time: I run a record company, I could eat you, that’s part of my rep. And we all know Kelly has this big voice. But these songs have so much attitude. She’s not walking through the door, she’s kicking it the f--- open.”

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