Long before Kristen Wiig went toe-to-toe with the undead as Ghostbusters' resident brainiac Erin Gilbert, she was killing Saturday Night Live viewers with pop star-impressions that shook the industry more forcefully than the birth of Napster.

From 2005 to 2012, Wiig — when not busy twirling Penelope's hair or checking the Target quarterly for sales — demonstrated some serious skill mimicking pop's music most identifiable voices. Sure, Aunt Linda was nothing to sneeze at, but Wiig's Madonna was masterful; Sue's surprises were must-see, but Wiig's take on Taylor Swift's surprised face was simply unforgettable.

In honor of Wiig's 43rd birthday (thank you, August 22, 1973), we're looking back at some of the comedian's most memorable takes on music's most eccentric stars. Between Bjork's childish affectation and Lana Del Rey's seeming aloofness, we'd say she pretty much nailed 'em all — but take our poll and tell us which shines brightest in the comments.

As if The Cheesecake Factory wasn't already a thrill-a-minute, Wiig's Bjork sitting down for a meal at the chain restaurant made it a Crusoe-worthy adventure.

No Super Bowl party is complete with out least one screening of this clip.

Forget what you thought you knew — this is the sweetest sin.

Long before Taylor and Kim Kardashian butted heads, Swift found a noble opponent in Wiig, and her spot-on take on the pop star's incredulous-look.

"I think people thought I was stiff, distant and weird, but there's a perfectly good explanation for that: I'm stiff, distant and weird."

Liza Minnelli:

When finding the clicker is its own Broadway spectacle!

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