Are you a deeply spray-tanned 18-year-old heiress with a morally nebulous relationship and a passion for "body plumping cream"? Did I just hear you say "No I'm not, but I sure wish I was"? Well you're in luck, because Kylie Jenner's app, Kylie, is finally here.

Kylie is free to download but, like most of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, it's expensive to maintain. Okay,the $2.99 subscription fee may be a bargain, provided it delivers on the promise to "give Kylie's audience unprecedented and exclusive personal access to her life." The 42-second trailer provides a look at everything you can expect (tutorials, "Kylie Radio," shopping tips and fashion advice, Kylie's favorite things) and it does seem to be chock full of aspirational, material possession-obsessed content.

"I have spent so much time trying to make this the dopest place for you guys to come to see makeup tutorials," Kylie tells her fans over footage of her in various makeup chairs, and a preview of a tutorial feature called "Help, My Face Is F---cked." "I never get tired of glamming," the reality star murmurs, using one of her half-sister Kim Kardashian's favorite words (glam) as a verb, as their clan loves to do.

"I'll show you guys my houuuuse," she lilts, over a screenshot of the "All About My Crib" feature, "fashioooon," (her controversial cornrows are in play here). "So much stuff, and I keep thinking of more new fun ideas and new ways to connect with you guys." The trailer also includes footage from Kylie's charity visit to a children's hospital on her 18th birthday, in case you think all she cares about is the art of bronzer and the right clutch purse for fall. All in all, as she says, it's "a cool place for you guys to come and learn about me." And how to be more like Kylie, too, as there's a clearly instructive element to all of this content.

While it arguably takes an astonishing level of self-involvement to offer a subscription-based service that's "all about me," it's also a savvy business move considering that the market is certainly there: Forbes reports that Kim's Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app made $74 million last year. Given the high public interest-level in Kylie's lips and love life, it would be financially imprudent to not cash in.

Now the only question is, will you subscribe? Or will you just watch this Vine on repeat instead?

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