Kylie Jenner is a walking billboard for the transformative power of makeup, and nothing proves that better than a recent photo of the 18-year-old out-and-about without excessive contour.

According to TMZ, Kylie dared to leave her home without makeup while out car shopping yesterday (September 21). This caused shock and panic to erupt online, because she doesn’t actually look as terrible as everyone thinks she should beneath her cloak of foundations, primers, highlighters, hair extensions and false lashes. News alert: Kylie looks like an 18-year-old without makeup -- an 18-year-old who has access to all the best skincare products, but still.

Countless blogs are devoted to pinpointing what plastic surgery she's had done (my favorite rumor is that she got her jaw shaved down — a seriously invasive surgery that requires a fair amount of recovery time, and when has Kylie ever gone more than a day without posting a selfie?). By her own admission, Kylie's never technically gone under the knife. Her lip fillers are part of her normal beauty routine (sure!) and everything else, Kylie claims, can be attributed to the skilled hand of a makeup artist.

But wait -- the most tragic part of all this is that everyone's ignoring the best part of this story: Kylie Jenner was out car shopping. Her 25-year-old boyfriend Tyga supposedly got her a Ferrari for her 18th birthday, though according to Jezebel, it looks like he merely leased that car to her name.

How do you feel about these revelatory photos? Why are we all so obsessed with an 18-year-old? Did Kylie lie about going blonde? Is she lying about plastic surgery now? The truth is out there, but what is the truth?

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