Just two weeks after debuting her new blonde locks, Kylie Jenner decided she was already bored and dyed her hair green.

Shortly after attending Kanye West's Star Wars-inspired Yeezy Season 2 clothing line, Kylie posted a selfie video Snapchat of herself in a car, which is par for the course when you follow the youngest Jenner on any form of social media. The big difference here, is that Kylie's hair is longer a warm shade of blonde, but pale green in hue. Notice, it's not the blue-leaning teal tone she rocked for a while, nor is it that light blue wig she favored for way too long. Kylie is such a kameleon.

Truthfully, this could just be another wig, because Kylie has a bizarre propensity for them. Or, if it is dye, it'll probably wash out quickly. We hope so, anyway. It looks fine, but going blonde is just so time-consuming and expensive, you know?

Aside from attending fashion shows and taking selfies, Kylie also recently launched her very own app, which teaches you exactly how to be like Kylie -- something a large portion of the younger generation is, apparently, intent on doing as quickly and as accurately as possible.

What do you think of Kylie's new green hair? Does it clash with her tanned skin? Should she stick to blonde? Or maybe she should go back to brunette? Can you believe how much you know about Kylie Jenner at this point in your life? Isn't it crazy, the huge pop culture footprint the Kardashians (and Jenners!) have left on our society, thus far? Tell us your every thought!

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