Ever since Kylie Jenner's "Glosses" commercial debuted, soundtracked by mystery troupe Terror Jr's hypnotic "3 Strikes," the Internet's run rampant with rumors that the young member of the Kardashian crew is secretly the highly Auto-Tuned vocalist behind the band.

The group — which launched its online presence across social media at the same time that the "Glosses" video debuted — never formally confirmed or denied the report, instead referring to their lead singer as simply "Lisa."

Days ago, that rumor only exploded further when a (real!) ASCAP songwriting listing surfaced, featuring Kylie Jenner under the "Performers" section.

Sadly, however, the mystery has come to an end — thanks to an announcement on Snapchat by the Lip Kit Queen herself.

"Hey guys, so, public announcement. I'm not the singer of Terror Jr or whatever. I love their music, but for those wondering, it's not me guys," she murmured to her millions of viewers.

"I don't know if the band is just trying to get a little bit of attention, but it's not me. And I don't really read articles or blogs or anything, but my mom just asked me —," she started to explain, briefly interrupted by a kiss from her boyfriend, Tyga.

"My mom just asked me if I was a part of this Terror Jr band. And I'm like 'Is this that serious?' And I checked my tweets, and I'm getting a lot of tweets."

This generation's greatest mystery since "Who is Carly Simon's 'You're So Vain' about?" is now over.

She then went on with a typical day in the life of make-up mogul Kylie Jenner, including trying on her #KokoKollection line for her adoring fans.

It's a heartbreaking confirmation, in the sense that the move would have made Kylie Jenner a kind of subversive mystery-pop hero. But it's also fine, because Bop City is still amazing. (For what it's worth, Lisa Vitale — the singer who is listed as a songwriter on "3 Strikes" — almost surely is the voice behind the band after some quick investigation.)

Watch Kylie Jenner break the sad news up top.

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