The fourth of five black and white 'You & I' fashion videos has finally dropped. What took Lady Gaga so long to share No. 4? She last released one of these bad boys back on Sept. 21 and then they seemed all but forgotten, with the Haus of U clips destined to exist as a trilogy or a cliffhanger.

Until now.

The fourth video, 'Haus of U Featuring Jo' has landed, with Gaga sulking as her male alter ego Jo Calderone.

She has played a nymph, a bride and a mermaid in the prior three, and now she's prancing around as Jo. What or who could she be in the fifth, if that one is ever revealed? We're even thinking that these vids are the link between 'You & I' and 'Marry the Night!'

But back to the matter at hand -- the new video featuring Jo. The moody and broody Caledrone is chain smoking in this black and white clip and strips down to his tighty whites, grabbing his crotch and showing off some armpit hair while looking all pensive.

Jo eventually lifts his white tee to show taped down breasts. That's a whole other metaphor and we're not going there. He also flips the bird to the camera.

This is like a Calvin Klein underwear ad.

There are three dancers in bondage tape outfits who share the spotlight with Jo. One of them is Gaga -- we can tell by her thigh tattoo. The other two aren't.

Jo really treats his cig like a phallus and seems comfortable standing around in a crumpled white tee and saggy knickers. Why he is making a reprise at this point, since the book on 'You & I' as a single has long been closed, is not abundantly clear. But then again, the Grammys are around the corner and there's the fact that Mama Monster likes to stay in the media by doing or saying or releasing something everyday that makes headlines.

Gaga just shared her stage design for her upcoming 'Born This Way Ball Tour.' We're left to wonder if Jo will be a part of the tour's set up, too. He has to be!

Watch Lady Gaga 'Haus of U Featuring Jo'