Lady Gaga once again performed the new song 'Princess Die,' a melancholy piano ballad that she initially debuted while on tour with her Born This Way Ball earlier this year. It originally drew some controversy, given the title and association with the late, great, beloved Princes Diana of England. Gaga was in London, Diana's onetime base of operations, this weekend. She played Twickenham Stadium on Sept. 8, so she wisely elected to shared the meaning behind the song. She did so in a heartfelt way that should take erase some of the controversy that accompanied the song when it debuted.

Playing on a three-wheeler type piano, Ma Monster first brought a purple-haired little monster on stage with her, revealing that this dedicated fan sleeps outside of her hotel rooms looking for a chance to connect with her. Gaga joked that she does not smell good after concerts, and questioned why would anyone want to camp out and wait for her!

She shared that 'Princess Die' is close to her heart and that she hopes people understand the love with which the song was composed. She revealed that both she and her mother loved "the People's Princess" when she was growing up, and she said so in her newly acquired, enunciative, almost British accent she has been using, which is similar to that which her rival Madonna has been known to adopt.

"I wrote it about Princess Diana… about myself.. about Amy… about Whitney… about Sylvia," she said. "I wrote this song about the McQueen… Issy Blow… the pain about losing loved ones, the princesses in our life, to inspire us all to be kind to one another."

She did reference several late British icons, like singer Amy Winehouse and designer Alexander McQueen. She then launched into the song. The audio quality is quite good, so you can absorb the lyrics and the melodies even better. Take a listen!

Also, Gaga was later seen sporting the $130,000, empire-waistline McQueen dress that she bought recently, which benefited the Isabella Blow Foundation. That's the "Issy" she referred to in her pre-'Die' monologue, BTW.

See how pretty and princess-like she looks here.

Gaga clearly penned the song with love in her heart and it is respectful, so don't diss her for her choice of title.