This week's pop music trend or epidemic, of sorts? Wisdom teeth removal. Ariana Grande got one of hers yanked earlier this week and now Lady Gaga is recovering from the same procedure, which isn't major. It's more of an annoyance than anything.

Gaga shared a photo of her self-styled "chipmunk cheeks" while recovering. Gaga bemoaned the fact that she can't eat while healing and that she wanted to put meatballs in a blender so she could consume something. That doesn't sound very appetizing, but... we will say this. "Aw, poor Gaga!"

Gaga's face does look fuller from post-procedure swelling in this makeup-free selfie, but she looks pretty and normal with her hair pulled back off her face and no wild and crazy cosmetics or wigs. She's also cuddled up with a stuffed animal. It's Gaga in a genuine and authentic moment. We like it.

It was a good idea for her to get the teeth yanked now. She's 28 and the older you get, the more difficult the teeth become to extract. Plus, they tend to ache during the change of seasons and weather conditions.

Since she is also about to launch to artRAVE Tour, it was smart to attend to her wisdom teeth sooner than later so she can operate at full capacity while entertaining little monsters.