Little Boots will release her third solo album, titled Working Girl, on July 10. It's an exciting time for fans of the electro-pop artist born Victoria Christina Hesketh, as the project's track list and a new song, "Better in the Morning," hit the internet.

Pop Justice reports that the Working Girl tracks are as follows:

1. "Intro"
2. "Working Girl"
3. "No Pressure"
4. "Get Things Done"
5. "Taste It"
6. "Real Girl"
7. "Heroine"
8. "Interlude"
9. "The Game"
10. "Help Too"
11. "Business Pleasure"
12. "Paradise"
13. "Better In the Morning"
14. "Desire"

Three songs -- "Taste It," "Business Pleasure" and "Heroine" — were previously released on Little Boots' Business Pleasure EP. (Noticeably absent is the EP's fourth track, "Pretty Tough.")

We know July 10 seems like years from now, but luckily you can hear the ultra-peppy "Better in the Morning" today. The song, which is like bottling the exuberance of the first warm day in spring and turning it into a pop hit, is the perfect mix of breezy and catchy and fresh.

We dare you not to sing along with Little Boots as she says, "I can still hear music if I stop and close my eyes / No one seems to notice that the sky is turning white / Think I'll take the long way / I know that I am stalling / There'll be trouble but / It's always better in the morning."

You can embrace the summery vibes by rocking out to "Better in the Morning" in the video above!