A car salesman on Reddit says he was given the heave-ho from his workplace after he bought a car from another dealership.

The man and his wife wanted to buy a bigger vehicle for their family, and since his dealership didn't have the car they wanted at the time, he went somewhere else.

"Me and my wife recently bought a used car from somewhere else because we want to start a family and needed something bigger," he wrote via Reddit. "Unfortunately my dealership didn't have the car we wanted. We had the car for over a week with plenty of compliments from other employees."

At first everything was fine — until he received an unexpected call letting him know he was being let go.

"I got off work at 5, drove home, and got a call from my boss," he continued. "Fired. One unhappy employee made a call to the owner, and I was done."

The man noted his "four years of hard work" at the dalership were "completely ignored" by his employer. "Maybe I'm the idiot for thinking that I could spend my wife and I's money how we wanted. Idk what to do," he wrote, adding: "I loved that job, it was perfect."

The man noted he was more frustrated that the firing took place over the phone and not face-to-face.

"I'm honestly heartbroken that they couldn't even talk to me in person. Just over the phone with no warning right after I left. Maybe I should have talked to them before we brought the car, but I didn't think it was necessary," he shared. "If I am wrong in this situation, I understand. But I really don't know."

In the comments section, users were outraged by the man's firing, with many suggesting he seek legal advice.

"Don't consider yourself fired until you have received written notice of termination. In the meantime file for unemployment," one person wrote.

"Sounds like wrongful termination. You're not locked in to buy a car from a dealership just because you work there. They cannot hold someone else's free will to purchase elsewhere on their own time against them. Crazy," another commented.

Some users even suggested he apply at the dealership he bought his new car from, but he replied that he doesn't want to as he "loved" his previous job and the relationships he thought he had built with his co-workers.

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