A man got fed up when his wife allowed her "loser" adult daughter to move back in with them, so he packed up and left.

He explained that his stepdaughter lived with them once before when she was "in her late 20s," but it was a nightmare.

"She has no friends because most people can't stand to be around her. Due to her own stupidity, ignorance and laziness, she constantly gets herself into legal and financial troubles. Just one example: Out of sheer laziness, she let her driver's license, insurance and registration all lapse, then acted as a 'Karen' which got her thrown in jail when she was found to be drunk at a DUI checkpoint," the frustrated man wrote on Reddit.

"Overstayed her welcome (two years!), abused our generosity, never paid a cent in room and board, and treated her mother like a slave/maid. When she finally moved out of our home I told my wife that I would never live with her daughter again," he continued.

The man noted that his now-34-year-old stepdaughter "finds herself again in financial trouble, and without asking or discussing it with me, my wife informed me that her daughter is moving back in with us."

So, the man immediately packed up all his belongings and left.

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Users rallied behind the man in the comments section, with many suggesting he protect his assets.

"Separate out your finances and take your money with you," one person wrote.

"That’s your home, too. Remind her that no means no," another advised.

"But realize this is a divorce, plan accordingly. Wife won't change, the daughter won't change. You can change addresses and your marital status," someone else commented.

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