Reddit users were appalled by one man's audacity when he asked his fiancée to remove her tattoo honoring K-pop star Bang Yong-guk.

The man explained he is engaged to a woman called Laura, who has a K-pop "tramp stamp" tattoo inspired by former B.A.P. boy group member Bang Yong-guk. And basically, he wants it gone by their wedding date.

"Laura has a tattoo that I have an issue with. When she was 18/19ish, she got a tramp stamp tattoo of a mascot of her favorite K-pop group that uses bunny rabbits that represent them. The one she has wears a red mask/bandanna since that’s the one that represents her favorite member of the group," he wrote, adding that he has an issue with the tattoo for "two reasons."

"One, the tattoo is in representation of another man, and to me, it feels like she has branded herself for that man, and two, I view K-pop as a childish thing and expect tweens to be into it, like Justin Bieber or One Direction, but it makes her happy, so I usually keep my feelings about K-pop to myself," he continued.

The man detailed that he asked her if she would ever remove the tattoo. When she said no, he told her how he really felt about it, and suggested other tattoo ideas that revolved around him instead.

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"Laura then called me stupid for thinking that way," he continued, adding Laura defended herself by explaining that lots of people get music-inspired tattoos.

"[I] told her I expected it to be gone by the wedding day. Laura then called me an a--hole and stormed out the room ... Since then, she doesn't talk or is short to me and has even resorted to sleeping in her office," he wrote.

The man concluded his post by doubling down on his stance and noting that he thought "many other married men will see where I'm coming from."

Instead, Reddit users in the comments section roasted him.

"Um, no. Absolutely no partner of mine speaks to me that way. My husband of 12 years doesn’t agree with you either," one person shared.

"The language that you use while talking about this is demeaning. Expecting her to change her tattoo is controlling. You've made a mountain of a problem out of nothing, and I wouldn't blame her for breaking up with you," another wrote.

"I just checked with a 'married man' (my husband), and he said, 'What is this guy's problem?!?'" someone else commented.

"Imagine being jealous of a Bang Yongguk tattoo, lmao. Get help," another shared.

"This was not on my K-pop 2023 bingo card, lol," one user joked.

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