Pop music is often equated, albeit unfairly, with sugar. Saccharine, addicting and occasionally lacking in intellectual or emotional nutrition, some pop is a scrumptious dessert at best: delicious, if not necessarily fulfilling. But not so for Maty Noyes.

The "Stay" singer-songwriter crafts pop with an edge. She's sugar in the raw, possessing an authenticity that is unfiltered, from her vocal prowess to her lyrical savoir faire to the sonic layering of her songs. This is no more apparent than on "Falling Out of Love," the melancholy, mid-tempo song off her forthcoming (and cleverly-titled) debut EP, Noyes Complaint.

As twinkling music box synths and light R&B electronics kick in, the track initially seems like a sweet, airy musical diary entry, all gossamer and mellow. But when the beat kicks in, Maty's vocals become more yearning, more earnest—more pained—and it suddenly becomes clear that "Falling Out of Love" is a powerful confessional.

"I think I'm falling out of luh-uh-uhve / Uh oh oh oh / Falling out of luh-uh-uhve with you," the singer admits on the chorus, her voice undulating above the synth waves that crash around her like late-night revelations.

The song is brutally honest and, if you've ever been through the gut-wrenching ache of drifting away from your partner, a powerful reminder of that feeling.

"And when I try to say your name / The words don't sound the same / So you're feeling all this pain / Well, I don't feel a thing..." Maty confesses one one heartbreaking—and devastatingly relatable—verse.

"This song means so much to me because it's so honest about the situation I was going through," the songwriter tells us. "Right off the bat it takes you straight into the motion of how I'm feeling. There's no sugarcoating the pain in the lyrics. There's nothing like going through an amazing relationship you think has forever potential, only to fall out of love. It hurts so much because at that point even if you're not in love, you still care about that person so much."

Maty may be falling out of love, sure... but the sincerity in her songwriting and the truth in her honeyed voice only has us falling deeper.

Listen to Maty Noyes' "Falling Out of Love" below.

Maty's debut EP, Noyes Complaint, is out October 28. Her current single, "In My Mind," has over 40 million streams on Spotify.