If you thought Miley Cyrus were going to tone down the sexual content of her performances following the ongoing national outcry over her MTV VMAs appearance, she has not only taken a big old wrecking ball to that idea, she's riding it completely naked!

In the video for 'Wrecking Ball,' the second single from upcoming album 'Bangerz,' Miley proves she can't stop, won't stop doing whatever she wants, critics be damned. And if that means she wants to swing around on a giant wrecking ball without a stitch of clothing on, that's what's going to happen.

Photographer -- and Miley's frequent collaborator in mayhem -- Terry Richardson directed the clip, which starts out mildly enough with a closeup of Miley singing, with a gentle tear rolling down her cheek. Soon, we see her clad in white underwear and Doc Martens, wielding a sledgehammer, riding the wrecking ball with violent intent and generally laying waste to a concrete room. We're assuming, with all that destruction, there were no retakes on that set.

Terry also shared pics on his blog of Miley in the same white tank and undies -- her go-to outfit as of late.

It should be noted that all the shots were filmed from angles that cleverly conceal her private parts; however, the sledgehammer totally gets the foam-finger treatment. Expect to hear feedback from the American Sledgehammer Society in 3, 2, 1 ...