Niall Horan, pop star extraordinaire, decided the "One Thing" (ha ha) missing in his life was the opportunity to caddy for golf player Rory McIlroy. So, in addition to making his musical dreams come true by being a member of the most popular boyband on the planet, One Direction, he decided to caddy for the popular Irish golfer. He then proceeded to fall down so spectacularly on national television while fulfilling his dream, proving to the world that celebrities really are just like us.

But let's rewind for a second. In case you are unfamiliar with the grunt work that comes with being a golfer's personal caddy, we'll break it down for you. A caddy is someone who is forced to carry a golfer's bag that is filled with his or her golf clubs. A bag full of golf clubs is often heavy, and caddies usually become sweaty because of the sun bearing down on them as they drag the bag around the golf course with little respite. It is a physically demanding job with little reward.

For whatever reason, Niall found the allure of this work to be too much to stay away, which is something we do not understand but respect. And while Niall is probably stronger than us because he gets more physical exercise than we do on a daily basis, it wasn't enough to keep him upright the entire time. At one point he is dragged to the ground by the overbearing weight of the golf bag (filled with heavy, metal golf clubs that undoubtedly grew hot like many flat-irons, because that is what happens when the Sun's rays collide with metal).

Here is a photograph of the fall from another angle:

Niall Horan
Jamie Squire, Getty Images

Thankfully, someone decided to record that very moment and preserve it for all to see. You can check out Niall's collapse (as well as his triumphant rise) in the Vine posted above.

Poor Niall managed to suffer further embarrassment when he teed off -- he did hit the ball which is better than we could and have done, but it wound up in a small, nearby pond and no where near the green. Better luck next time, Niall. We assume it's the experience that matters, anyway. You can see video of that attempt below.

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