We're going to to borrow a phrase from Nicki Minaj here and shout: "POUND THE ALARM!"

The 'Anaconda' singer is known for having one of the most daring and sexiest Instagram feeds on the Internet, as she often delights fans with photos off her luscious curves and cleavage-heavy selfies.

We've picked the hottest, sexiest selfies from her Instagram and assembled them here for your enjoyment.

So grab a pitcher of ice cold water, some cold washcloths and park yourself in front of a fan. It's about to get seriously hot in here.

What a brightly colored bikini top!

All smiles!

Workin' it

Sheer outfit

Nicki wearing a sexy beige top

So fancy!

Purple lingerie, wow!

That stare...

Fun in the sun!

Crack the whip...

Look down ... past the boobies ... and you'll see the Hello Kitty slippers. Right?

Best. Cleavage. Ever.

Hot as lava with Rihanna.

Well, hello there cleavage!

Blurry, yes, but we can still make out those perfect mounds.

Know what we love? Nicki Minaj's lovely, full, curled eyelashes, that's what.

A beautiful bob.

Blingin' with leopard-print pasties! She is Nicki Minaj, hear her roar.

Goddess-like ... like Marilyn Monroe.

Bangs and boobies.

Blinged out baller.

Gucci this, Gucci that.

Who needs pasties when you have a wig to cover nips?

Being cute with Ciara.

Doe-eyed, beautiful babe!

Mary-Kate and Ashley.

One-eyed stare ... so mysterious.

Simple is sexier, baby.

Nice iPhone case, Nicki.

Pink ... seven days a week.

A baller ... literally.

The camera loves her.


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