Indie artist Oliver Tree is accusing The Kid LAROI and his team of copying his previously released music videos that he self-directed.

On Thursday (April 28), Oliver posted a TikTok video to his 12. 5 million followers with the caption, "They steal that many shots and thought I wouldn’t notice?"

​​"Kid Laroi’s new music video copies multiple shots from my videos," he alleges in the clip. “As an underground indie artist who writes and directs their own music videos, I am so sick of big artists ripping me off."

Tree references five similarities between four of his music videos that he found in the latest music video from Laroi, which is called "Thousand Miles."

One includes shots of the two artists being dragged by vehicles; a piano almost falling on top of them; and being hit by an ambulance. Other scenes that are less identical include Oliver and Laroi putting their heads out of car windows and lying hurt in a similar position on the ground.

@OliverTree TikTok
@OliverTree TikTok

Oliver admits that it probably isn't Laroi's fault but rather the director behind the "Thousand Miles" music video, Christian Breslauer, who allegedly follows Oliver on Instagram.

The majority of the singer's followers believe it's not a coincidence but intentional copying. Some of Oliver's fans have even left angry comments on Breslauer's Instagram posts.

“I can’t even tell when Oliver is being serious at this point but that’s literally copied lol,” one user commented.

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