Olly Murs and Demi Lovato give us a a glimmer of hope in their new video for 'Up.'

Fans who've heard the song know that it's deceptively upbeat. Even though its catchy rhythm conveys happiness, the lyrics carry a much heavier message. All of this complexity is perfectly tied into the 'Up' video, which shows the two singers separated by a meaningful brick wall.

And just as there's two sides to every story (and this wall, naturally), Demi and Olly each have a different perspective on their relationship. One thing they have in common: A glimmer of hope that things will turn out okay.

Despite it's muted colors, the gray-toned video is beautifully shot. It's poignant and effective, communicating the frustration laced throughout the song without being too heavy-handed. Of course, we were sitting on the edges of our seats to see if Olly and Demi could work things out.

We won't reveal the ending, but we think they gave us the perfect resolution to the song.

Check out Olly Murs' 'Up' video featuring Demi Lovato above!

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