Time to shake and cry, Directioners, as One Direction have announced details of 1D Day. It'll be a seven-hour livestreamed event where you can get your 1D on for the equivalent of an entire work or school day.

The event will celebrate the past three amazing years and the undying support of fans. The boys are giving back and reciprocating the love that fans have shown them.

But it won't just be seven hours of 1D talking, although we doubt anyone would complain about that.

"On the 23rd of November, we will take part in a seven-hour livestream," said Niall Horan. "There will be celebrity guests, special features and you will get the chance to suggest ideas for the show." Niall has the cutest accent. God, we love him. We love them all.

1D Day aka Nov. 23 is a Saturday, so the boys took into account the reality that most of their fans are in school during the week.

Follow the official 1D Day website and the band's Twitter page to find out how to take part.

Notice all the boys are wearing white, 'cept Harry Styles, who is standing off a little. No, that doesn't mean he is distancing himself from the group.

In other 1D news, the boys will record their fourth album during their stadium tour. The boys will be traveling with a mobile studio so they can work while touring. Those 1D boys -- they work so hard and always make the most of their time.

Their third album 'Midnight Memories' is out on Nov. 25, which is two days after 1D Day!