One Direction have been pumping fans up for their upcoming 'iCarly' appearance for months, and the excitement is about to hit a fever pitch. In light of the episode's premiere next week, Nickelodeon released promos for the ep, titled 'iGo One Direction,' and it looks to be a great show.

The band clearly had fun goofing around on the set of their TV-acting debut. In the episode, Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) learns that One Direction agreed to perform on her web show and is absolutely thrilled! However, when Harry Styles gets sick and Carly dotes on him, things go awry -- she later finds out that he faked his illness for attention!

To get back at Styles and get him back in the group, the gang pretends that Gibby is the band's newest member. You can hear him sing below. We'll warn ya, it ain't pretty! Catch a sneak peek of their performance of 'What Makes You Beautiful' here and watch the promo reels below. Is it April 7 yet?

Watch One Direction's 'iCarly' Promo


Watch One Direction's 'iCarly' Behind-the-Scenes Promo

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