When we started searching for One Direction memes, we really didn't expect to find so many hilarious pictures of the 1D dudes. We knew the quintet of adorable Brits have great senses of humor, but we had no idea that they're fans were so funny, since they're the ones who actually created these awesome One Direction memes.

Scroll through these One Direction memes and see hilarious pictures like Niall Horan threatening Liam Payne with a dreaded spoon (he has a phobia of random spoons for those who didn't know) and Liam being carried down the hallway by 1D's security guard Paul with some fun. lyrics for narration. There's also a smug Louis hatin' on people who pronounce his name wrong, the food-loving Niall displaying horror at the word "diet," Harry Styles being super awkward, and Zayn getting a little creepy.

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