One Direction basically swooned our faces right off with their 'Night Changes' video. Which insanely romantic (yet ultimately disastrous) date would you want to go on?

The perfect night out with Zayn entails him taking you out to a fancy restaurant (Brasserie Vashappenin, no less!), wining and dining you to your heart's content. Yeah, it may end with your bitter ex dumping an entire plate of spaghetti and a glass of water on his head, but really, what's better than wet Zayn?

Harry's intentions are more than admirable on your super sweet ice skating date, and he gets a little adventurous when he sees another couple testing out some sick skating tricks. So what if Harry's moves don't exactly rival Michelle Kwan's? You both wind up getting a little banged up, but look at it this way: You're practically Taylor Swift -- "twenty stitches in a hospital room" and all.

Liam is totally up for an awesome, deep-fried night at the carnival, winning his lucky lady (um, that'd be you) a giant teddy bear before going on a dizzying ride. Sadly, he gets a little nauseous from all that spinning (and probably from all of that carnival food), and winds up tossing his cookies in your hat. Still 100 percent adorable? Yes, yes and yes.

We can't stop swooning over Niall's ideal date. Festive holiday sweater? Drinks by the fireplace? A heart-meltingly slow smile and a puppy dog? He checks all the boxes. He may spill your drink all over your lap and accidentally light himself on fire, but that's basically just nature's way of telling you that he really is that hot.

Louis and his model-good looks take you on the most romantic drive of your life, casually gliding down the street in a gorgeously vintage convertible. While the ride could only get better if it was going down an endless road, Louis eventually gets out and you two stroll hand-in-hand for a few peaceful moments -- that is, until the police come to arrest him. Well, we love ourselves a bad boy.

Whose 'Night Changes' date do you want to go on? Cast your vote in the poll below!

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