As Directioners and PopCrushers know, One Direction recorded a cover of Blondie's hit 'One Way or Another' for the U.K.'s Comic Relief, an annual telethon across the pond to raise money for the underprivileged. Now their adorable cover art has been released -- and a video of the boys rehearsing for their video has hit the web, too, providing a sneak peek of the song.

"We are really excited to be part of Red Nose Day this year," Niall Horan told Glamour U.K. "We recorded Blondie's 'One Way or Another' and we really want the song to raise lots of money and for people to show their support by going out and buying themselves a copy."

Louis Tomlinson quipped, "Getting the chance to perform Blondie's song will be incredible. We're so excited! Red Nose Day is a great excuse to have a lot of fun and to raise money, please get involved."

The band will also perform the song at the BRIT Awards. Red Nose Day is March 15 this year; 'One Way or Another' is available for pre-order on iTunes across the pond and will go on sale Feb. 17.

You can snag a sneak listen of the song below -- the boys were rehearsing for their video at a party for their Japanese Directioners. Is it us or are the girls in the front doing the 'Macarena?'

Watch One Direction Rehearse for Their 'One Way or Another' Video