It's FINALLY here, Directioners! Obsessively refreshing One Direction's YouTube channel has officially paid off for us, as we were able to catch the latest music video from the boyband beauts nanoseconds after its debut. It has since garnered multiple viewings from us -- all in the name of journalism, of course.

Let's talk about it, shall we? The video opens on a dusty trailer, in the dusty desert, until we see the boys step out, wondering where their director -- or as Louis sarcastically quips 'The greatest artist of his generation, apparently' -- could be.

Right on cue, Danny DeVito rides up -- or should we say is driven up -- in a sick convertible. He says to the boys: "Gentlemen! Why are we here?? We're here in the name of art. We're here to commit ourselves to a higher form of expression."

He then goes on to assign those descriptors we've been talking about all week to each of the guys (for those with the memories of goldfish, here's a recap: Harry is Love, Niall is Light, Liam is Power, Louis is Danger and Zayn is Mystery. Got it?). From then on things get real wacky real fast.

The closeups of Louis' constant look of confusion are the most relatable closeups in a music video we've ever seen:


After five teasers that taught us pretty much nothing about the music video, we've come to realize they actually taught us everything. The entire video is an amalgamation of imagery that doesn't flow together in any way, shape or form. The only common thread throughout the video is its absurdity. From Zayn fighting sumo wrestlers to Liam's command of an entire marching band to Niall's shirtless dancing to Harry's leopard print coat -- sorry, we're still obsessed -- to Louis' animal friends -- it's a play on all the pretentious, over-the-top music videos that take themselves too seriously.

And once you get the point of it, it's totally hilarious. Bravo, boys! A commentary on 'art' and a soaking wet One Direction (did we mention it starts raining toward the end of the video)? We are most definitely not worthy.

Check out the video for 'Steal My Girl' above!

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