One Direction's 'Story of My Life' is a contemplative, acoustic guitar-driven song, sidestepping the addictive pop music that has defined their career so far. While it's not as frothy or crazy catchy, it's just as memorable -- if not more memorable -- than anything they've done.

It'd have been safe for the band to dole out more teen-friendly pop. But on this single from 'Midnight Memories,' 1D are taking a chance, experimenting with neo-folk elements.

If a teen pop band slowly gravitating toward adulthood took a song and ran it through a Mumford and Sons filter, the result would be 'Story of My Life.'

The boys have done heavy, emotional songs -- like the flawless ballad 'Little Things,' penned by their Brit pal Ed Sheeran -- and that's the closest sonic relative of 'Story of My Life.' This track is a little more upbeat in its pacing, but it's just as provocative.

It's a kinder, gentle, softer 1D, and the track also shows the breadth of talent. 1D are not just a boy band. This song proves they have a long musical future ahead of them.

The harmonizing comes during the song's bold choruses, but each member handles a verse. There's no vocal histrionics, just a solid and sweet delivery of these powerful words.

The lyrics tackle serious subjects: loving, living life and looking back while looking ahead, and holding on with nothing in between. You can't stop time, and that's something we all learn from experience.

It sounds like 1D are learning about that cold, harsh reality in this particular song. "Running after you / Is like chasing the clouds" is a particularly poignant line.

'Story of My Life' should resonate with Directioners of all ages, especially the ones that may be a few years older and who are growing up a little bit after first discovering the boys and 'What Makes You Beautiful.'

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